Outstaffing & Outsourcing

Thousands of affordable, motivated and highly-skilled workers 
to help you save time and money to get a project done and survive COVID-19.

In case you experience any of the

following issues

Facing tough competition?

Difficult to find skilled employees? 

Think about how to stay alive after COVID-19?

Looking for a way to cut costs?

Plan to expand your business?

Need to survive the economic crisis?

Afraid to outsource your business processes?

Don't have time for all operating activities?

Switching to a remote type of work?

Our mission is to help the business to do more in less time, spending less money and having fewer headaches. We offer you to hire Ukrainian staff, who will help you to: 

Here is our


SAVE 51% - 86%

on the operating, maintenance, training and other additional costs associated with “in-house” employment. 
We believe that remote work is the future.


Ukrany will provide you with any 

remote employee

Software engineer / designer

starting from 899 USD/month

Ukraine is known thanks to its talented software developers, who are ready to offer you all possible range of IT services including web development, front-end development, back-end development, web design and so on.

And yes, IT outstaffing in Ukraine is the most effective cost / quality / time decision.




Join companies who have already

lowered their costs by 86% with us


What is our typical workflow?

We sign a contract with you and agree all terms, requirements, etc. After that, we surfing the Ukrainian market in order to find the best candidate for you. Once he/she is found, we are hiring the candidate in accordance to agreed terms.

How long does it take to find a right candidate?

Everything depends on your requirements. Usually, it takes around 7-15 days to find a right candidate.


When do you pay?

You pay only after successful hiring each month. You won't pay any advance payments, so you can fully trust.

How much does it cost?

Before hiring we agree with you the salary for a candidate. Ukrany only earns a very small commission each month.


Contact us

Don't hesitate to ping us in case you have any questions. 


"We are working with Ukrany for more that 1 year and have never regretted that decision. They are professional, proficient, honest and flexible. That's why they are on the top of their game."

Viktor Ängmo

CPO at Friend Factory

Naukova st., b. 7D

Lviv, Ukraine

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