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Active Sourcing: A Fresh Approach to Hiring

In today's job market, many of the best candidates aren't actively looking for jobs. In fact, about 70% of all workers are like this. They might be open to new opportunities but aren't applying to job ads. With a lack of skilled workers available, how do companies find these hidden gems? The answer is Active Sourcing.

Oleh Chuchman
CEO, Ukrany
October 1, 2023

Understanding Active Sourcing

Think of traditional recruiting as waiting for fish to jump into your net. Active Sourcing, on the other hand, is like going out with a fishing pole and seeking the best fish. Instead of waiting for applications, recruiters go out and find the right candidates, even if they're not currently job hunting.

This method isn't about bombarding everyone with job offers. It's about finding the right fit for a role, sometimes even before that role exists. By creating a talent pool, companies can quickly fill roles with pre-selected candidates, saving time and effort.

Why Active Sourcing Works

A few reasons have shifted the balance in the job market:

  • A lot of experienced workers have retired.

  • Younger generations often take their time with career decisions.

  • Rapid tech changes mean the right skills might still be in training.

  • Most job ads only reach 30% of potential candidates.

But here's the good news: a vast majority of both active and passive job seekers are open to new roles. This means Active Sourcing can open doors to a broader talent pool.

Strategizing for Active Sourcing Success

In the evolving landscape of recruiting, Active Sourcing has emerged as a game-changing approach for companies looking to capture the best talent, even before they start actively seeking a job. However, simply understanding the concept isn't enough. To achieve success, you must strategically apply Active Sourcing techniques. Here's a comprehensive guide to setting the stage for success.

1. Identify Your Needs and Define the Ideal Candidate

Skills Mapping: Before reaching out, identify the precise skills, qualities, and experience you need. Create detailed profiles for each role you're looking to fill.Cultural Fit: Besides skills, consider the type of person who would thrive in your company's environment. This involves assessing soft skills and values alignment.

2. Use Advanced Technology and Tools

AI and Machine Learning: Modern recruitment tools, backed by AI, can scan thousands of profiles to find candidates that match your criteria.CRM Systems: Candidate Relationship Management systems help in maintaining and nurturing relationships with potential hires.

3. Tap into Your Internal Resources

Employee Referrals: Encourage your current employees to recommend qualified individuals. Offer incentives to make this more appealing.Internal Mobility: Sometimes, the best candidate is someone already working within your organization but in a different capacity.

4. Engage Through Multiple Channels

Professional Networks: Websites like LinkedIn are essential for connecting with potential candidates.Industry-specific Platforms: Depending on your sector, platforms like Behance for designers or GitHub for developers can be invaluable.Social Media: Sites like Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram can yield surprising results when used correctly.

5. Foster Genuine RelationshipsPersonalized Outreach: A generic message won’t cut it. Address potential candidates by name and mention specific reasons you're interested in them.Regular Check-ins: Even if there's no immediate opportunity, staying in touch keeps your company in a potential candidate's radar.

6. Create a Strong Employer Brand

Online Presence: Ensure your company's online profiles, especially on sites like Glassdoor, reflect a positive work environment.Content Creation: Sharing articles, videos, or posts that provide insights into your company culture can attract potential candidates.

7. Attend and Organize Networking Events

Industry Conferences: By attending, you'll meet professionals in your field, some of whom might be looking for a change or know someone who is.Host Webinars or Workshops: By offering valuable content, you'll naturally attract industry professionals.

8.Educate Your Recruitment Team

Regular Training: The world of recruiting is always evolving. Ensure your team stays updated with the latest trends and tools.Workshops: Conduct internal workshops to share success stories and strategies that have worked.

9. Maintain a Talent Pipeline

Database Maintenance: Regularly update your database of potential candidates. It will save time when a vacancy suddenly opens up.Segmentation: Group candidates based on skills, experience, and other relevant parameters. This allows for targeted outreach when roles become available.

10.Offer a Seamless Candidate Experience

Easy Application Process: If someone shows interest, the application process should be smooth and user-friendly.Transparent Communication: Keep potential hires informed about where they stand in the recruitment process.


Active Sourcing is a proactive way to find the best talent. It takes effort at the start but offers a substantial return. Whether you're tapping into passive candidates or looking to fill urgent roles, it can revolutionize your hiring process. By integrating this method with other tools, like employee referral programs, you can access the best-fit candidates for even the toughest positions.

Ready to get started with Active Sourcing? Ukrany is here to guide you every step of the way, ensuring your success in today's competitive job market.

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