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TikTok: The Unexpected Powerhouse of Talent Acquisition

With over a billion monthly users, TikTok isn't just an entertainment app; it’s a goldmine for recruiters. If you're yet to tap into its potential for sourcing talent, you're potentially missing a massive opportunity. Let’s dive into how TikTok can redefine your talent acquisition strategy.

Oleh Chuchman
CEO, Ukrany
November 1, 2023

Why TikTok?

TikTok has emerged as a viral sensation, allowing users to share engaging bite-sized videos. From hilarious skits to insightful tutorials, its content variety is vast and endlessly entertaining.

Advantages of Turning to TikTok for Recruitment:

Expansive Reach: The beauty of TikTok is its potential for virality. Even with zero followers, one engaging video can put you on the map, opening doors to a global talent pool.

High Engagement Levels: Designed to spotlight compelling content, TikTok’s algorithm ensures quality content gains traction.

Young Talent Access: Predominantly loved by Gen-Z and millennials, TikTok is the gateway to early-career professionals brimming with fresh perspectives.

Maximizing TikTok for Talent Hunt

1. Ride the Hashtag Wave:

The Power of Hashtags: Hashtags are the lifeline of TikTok, serving as the backbone of the platform’s search and discovery mechanisms. They organize content, drive trends, and foster communities.

Strategy in Action: Suppose you're a tech company, launching a new product. Start a hashtag challenge, say #TechInnovationChallenge, inviting users to share ideas or uses for the product. Not only does this enhance brand visibility, but it can also spotlight potential hires who showcase impressive knowledge or creativity.

Real Stats: According to Influencer Marketing Hub, branded hashtag challenges on TikTok have a higher engagement rate, with an average engagement of 8.5%, compared to 4.96% on Instagram.

2. Embrace User-Generated Content (UGC):

The Authenticity Factor: UGC offers an unfiltered view of a brand, creating a genuine image that resonates deeply with viewers.

Strategy in Action: Encourage your employees to share "A Day in My Role" videos, shedding light on their daily tasks, work culture, and team dynamics. This not only attracts potential candidates by giving them a feel of the work environment but also serves as a testament to employee satisfaction.

Real Stats: A report by Stackla revealed that 79% of consumers say UGC highly impacts their purchasing decisions, emphasizing its authenticity and relatability.

3. Launch Contests and Challenges:

The Viral Potential: Challenges often take TikTok by storm, with thousands or even millions of users participating, making it a fantastic tool for wide-reaching engagement.

Strategy in Action: Imagine you're a publishing house looking for fresh writing talent. Launch a #60SecondStory challenge, urging users to narrate a gripping tale in just one minute. This not only gauges their storytelling prowess but also their ability to captivate audiences in a limited timeframe.

Real Stats: The #InMyDenim challenge, initiated by Guess, garnered over 38 million views in just a week, highlighting the massive reach potential of TikTok challenges.

4. Collaborate with Influencers:

The Trust Bridge: Influencers come with a built-in audience that trusts their opinions, making them invaluable for amplifying your recruitment message.

Strategy in Action: If you’re a fitness brand, partner with a fitness influencer. Have them tour your facilities, interact with your team, or even conduct a workout session at your gym. Their followers, many of whom would be fitness enthusiasts, are potential recruits for roles ranging from trainers to marketing professionals specialized in fitness products.

Real Stats: According to MediaKix, 89% of marketers say the ROI from influencer marketing is comparable to or better than other marketing channels.

5. Video Job Listings:

Beyond Traditional Listings: The dynamism of video listings allows you to showcase not just the job role, but also the energy, culture, and ethos of your company.

Strategy in Action: For a graphic designer role, instead of a plain text listing, showcase some of your best designs, the vibrant workspace, and perhaps a few team members sharing what they love about their job. This paints a comprehensive picture for potential candidates.

Real Stats: Cisco predicts that by 2022, online videos will make up more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic, emphasizing the growing importance and engagement potential of video content.

The Takeaway

TikTok is revolutionizing talent acquisition, moving away from traditional methods to a more dynamic, engaging, and interactive approach. As the app continues its upward trajectory, it offers brands a unique blend of entertainment and engagement to connect with potential hires.

Ukrany to the Rescue

Feeling overwhelmed by TikTok’s potential? Ukrany is here to guide you. Our team, armed with expertise and innovation, is poised to help you navigate the TikTok recruitment realm. Let's collaborate and unearth the top talents waiting to be discovered. Dive into the TikTok talent pool with Ukrany by your side!

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